Plurl Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plurl?

Plurl is the x-PList URL helper program. It allows you to change hidden preferences in MacOS X simply by clicking on specially-designed webpage links. Although the same results can be accomplished by using the Terminal or other programs, none of them are as foolproof as using Plurl.

How does it work?

Plurl registers itself as the helper program for "x-plist" URLs. When you click on one of these links in your web browser, Plurl is launched and sent an Apple Event containing the URL. Plurl displays a dialog (see below) which shows the application, preference key, old value, and new value. You can then choose whether to commit the change or cancel the operation.

Dialog picture

Why not use other applications?

Any change made by Plurl can also be accomplished through the Terminal, Property List Editor, or other third-party applications. However, each of these methods requires either typing in long strings or using cut-and-paste. These methods are prone to errors, making novice users afraid of them. Plurl is foolproof. All of the wierd strings are encoded in the web page link so you don't have to type them in or copy them.

In addition, Plurl costs you nothing because it is freeware!

Is it safe?

Yes. No matter how Plurl is launched, it always pops up its dialog. No changes are made without the confirmation of the user. If you are unsure of a change, you may cancel the operation. Changes will affect only the current user.

If you are still skeptical, you are welcome to browse the source code. Plurl is open-source, with a BSD license.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Plurl is freeware.

How do I install it?

Drag Plurl to a convenient folder. The Applications folder is a good candidate, though Plurl doesn't care where it is located.

To uninstall, just drag Plurl to the Trash.

Where can I find sample links?

See the examples page.

How can I make my own links?

See the Plurl syntax page for more information.

What are the future plans for the program?

Several new features are planned for a 2.0 version:
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